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What's up with Barley Straw Pellets and why use it for your pond or lake?!

What are the benefits of barley straw pellets?

Barley Straw Pellets by Ultra Clear

box of barley pellets by a lake 

UltraClear Barley Pellets offer a safe, effective, natural way to clarify pond water and can be safely used with all other UltraClear products. Barley Straw has been used for over a hundred years to clarify ponds. The pellets are so easy to use. Cleaner and easier than the bales (and requires a lot less space than the unsightly bales). UltraClear Barley Pellets are 100% safe for fish, birds and plants. UltraClear Barley Pellets are fortified with humic acid prior to the pelletizing process. Humic acid enhances water quality, water softening and balances out the effects of phosphate in the pond water.

How does it work

The slow decay of these barley pellets produce essential, beneficial bacteria and enzymes that helps maintain clarity in the pond. The optimized pellet size offers maximum surface area for controlled decay. It is not a chemical. UltraClear Barley Pellets can be used during spring, summer and fall. So get a head start on controlling your pond environment!!


Apply 8 to 16 ounces per 100 gallons every 4-6 weeks or as needed. Doesn't get easier than that. No mess, no fuss!!

Aeration for distribution

UltraClear Barley Pellets can be applied directly in the pond by hand and your pond aerator will disperse it throughout the lake. Having a pond aerator or pond fountains installed in your pond will not only help distribute the barley straw but also the additional benifit of adding oxygen into the pond by aeration.  


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