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Pond and Lake Fountains

Stainless Steel 1 HP Fountain at dusk during winter and snow on the pond

Best floating pond and lake fountains

Discount Pumps carries the top name brands of floating pond fountains, lake fountains and pond supplies, including Scott, Kasco, Vanguard and our own Signature Series. Easy to install, energy efficient , beautify and add much needed oxygen for a healthy pond and lake, and of course we have one for every budget and pond size. We are the fountain lighting experts!! Our new bigger and brighter LED lighting for 2024, now with longer range on the remotes. Have fun with our RGBW 9 and 24 watt color changing LED's. Our color controller has a DIY function to make custom colors like Patriotic Red, White and Blue!!

Create a resort paradise in your pond with a beautiful floating pond fountain!

Pond Fountain Update for January: Cold weather here and winter is in full swing!! Keep the water moving for aeration to keep the pond healthy well into the hot summer. Also adding visual appeal to the pond or lake with a Floating Pond Fountain spray is very beneficial to all aquatic life, and helps replenish the supply of oxygen which is lacking in stagnant ponds. The sound of splashing water is relaxing and tranquil to hear. The circulation of water helps in the process of destratification, or helps breakup the column of water in the pond (normally the upper 4-6 feet) where most of the algae growth begins. Floating Fountains and Pond Aerators help to eliminate odors and other pests that are normally found with stagnant water. We have also added new products to our fountain line. Read about the difference between a decorative fountain and a decorative aerator!

How to choose the correct size Pond Fountain:

Now that you have decided you’d like to install a lake fountain, how do yo know what size is right for your pond? Get started by checking out our all our fountain designs. We have several styles of beautiful fountains that offer a wide array of spray patterns and prices.
Please read our guide and charts on How to choose the right size fountain for your pond. Or one of our friendly experts can help you determine what size would be best for your pond or lake. Also continue reading our tips below on preparing to install a fountain and How to anchor your new pond fountain, also how to keep pesky rodents from chewing your wires with stainless steel braided sleeve.

Drone Video of our Classic Series Floating Pond Fountain!!

Gold Line

Discount Pumps is a leading retailer of pond fountains. We offer only the highest quality in pond fountains and accessories through our online store. We have many years of experience with pond and lake fountains, which has led us to the top brands and products offering the most beautiful, effective, easy maintenance for our customers. Also all natural additives for pond maintenance!

Helpful information when choosing a floating fountain for a pond or lake:

The Benefits:
So, we know that floating fountains add beauty and tranquility to a landscape, but they are also beneficial to the water and the pond’s ecosystem. Just liked aeration systems, fountains will also introduce oxygen into the pond as the drops splash onto the water’s surface. A fountain can provide adequate aeration by itself for small ponds. Ponds that are deep or irregular, requiring aeration for a large area or multiple areas, will benefit from a floating fountain in the center of the pond, along with one or more aeration systems. Here are a few ways that a pond fountain can improve the quality of water and aquatic life in a pond.

Residential and Commercial Applications:
These units are commonly used for both commercial and residential bodies of water. You can find commercial pond fountains in a lake of a resort, at a golf course, on the grounds of a country club, or in the courtyard of a hotel. Commercial fountains will not only help manage stormwater, but they will also add value to any property.

Residential pond fountains, in like fashion, will enhance the beauty and add value to any residential landscape. These floating fountains can be found in a neighborhood development or on a private property, where homeowners can hangout and enjoy the tranquil sight and calming sound of the splashing water.

Improves water quality: It’s becoming more and more common for commercial properties to add stormwater ponds to their property. Stormwater ponds accumulate run-off from parking lots and high ground. Run-off that typically contains dirt, debris, or even trash. In a stagnant pond, these materials settle at the bottom releasing gases and metals that cause contamination. Pond fountains help to improve water quality by de-stratifying the water column as it draws the water into the pump. Furthermore, the droplets that splash onto the surface contains oxygen, and oxygen-rich water supports the beneficial bacteria that breaks down pond sludge.

Decreases insect populations: Stagnant ponds are a breeding ground for mosquitos and other pesky insects. Due to the growing insect-related health concerns such as the Zika virus, many pond owners are adding pond fountains as a means of decreasing or eliminating insect populations. Fountains provide constant movement in the water, making it unfriendly breeding grounds for insects.

Reduces algae: The splashing water on a pond’s surface forces floating algae down below the surface, depriving it of the sunlight it requires to grow. In addition, the added oxygen provided by a fountain will decrease excess nutrient in the pond, also helping with the control of algae.

Improved quality of pond life: Fish pond owners often add fountains not only to beautify their pond, but to assist with the health of the environment for their fish. Decreased levels of dissolved oxygen in pond water is one of the biggest dangers for fish. Decorative fountains can improve their habitat significantly from the oxygen it provides, thus making it easier for fish to thrive in their habitat.

Types of Pond Fountains:
There are several types of available. A Decorative pond fountain is primarily chosen for their aesthetic appeal, available in different sizes, from a few feet tall to a sizeable 40' tall fountain or even taller above the surface. Many decorative fountains come with interchangeable spray nozzles that produce an array of spray patterns, from an individual majestic geyser, multiple tiers to starbursts.
Temperature: Fountains are not made to operate in freezing temperatures, so it is recommended to remove a fountain during the winter to avoid damage from ice.

Can Lake Fountains Aerate?
Lake fountains are very beautiful, pleasant addition for your pond or lake. The beautiful splash of the water can sound so peaceful. The sound of the water splashing down, especially on a warm summer day.
You may be considering installing one as a way to aerate your pond as well. Adequate aeration for your pond is very important because without it, your pond water will become stagnant very fast. If you have fish they will suffer without adequate oxygen and possibly die.
So the question is, does it aerate the water and so, does it provide enough aeration for the whole pond? Here are the facts:

A stagnant pond produces a lack of oxygen in water that will cause algae and weed growth, foul oders and fish kills. Installing a floating lake fountain agitates and circulates the water and adds oxygen into your pond. The simple motion of flowing water reduces the build-up of algae, sludge and weeds without costly or dangerous chemicals. Less stagnant water means fewer mosquitoes and other pesky insects. And the extra oxygen in the water promotes healthier fish and other wildlife. The beautiful sprays look like something you would see in a resort or golf course. Whether you choose a floating fountain or a small pond aerator kit, both will aerate, just at different degrees and both witll be aesthetically pleasing!

Pond Depth Matter
A decorative fountain does not pull or mix water from very deep. So if your pond is more than 6 feet in depth, a pond fountain won’t draw water from the lower layers. That means a decorative fountain will not mix the water enough to aerate the pond adequately.
However if your pond is less than 6 feet deep, you can install this unit and expect good aeration for a pond. The widest spray pattern is the best for aeration.

Different Pond Spray Patterns
All of our fountains are available with several spray patterns. The idea is to create a beautiful spray that looks amazing and aerates the pond.
Choose the elegant, wide v-shaped pattern for the best aeration results. A finer spray will help attach more water molecules from the air.
If you still want the fancy spray pattern or the fountain may not be enough to adequately aerate the water because of the size, shape, and depth of your pond is you still have options. You can also install a sub-surface aeration system to keep the meet your aeration needs.

LED Lighting:
Pond fountain lights are a beautiful accessory, adding visual appeal to a pond at night. Discount Pumps offers a variety of lighting kits, available in sets of two, three and 4 light fixtures with waterproof connections. The fixtures are available in white and color changing options. Install the lights above the surface of the water to light the water feature from below. The following are just a couple of things to keep in mind when lighting a fountain.

Type of Lights: Discount Pumps offers high-quality stainless-steel LED lights with a variety of color options that can fit all fountain floats. We also offer light kits from Kasco and Scott Aerator.

Number of light fixtures: The ideal number of lights depends on the size of your fountain. Lighting manufacturers recommend a 2 or 3 LED light kit for smaller fountains, and a 4 LED light kit for 2 HP to 5 HP units. The 4 LED lights will provide a brighter display.

Pond fountains require little maintenance, but you should keep an eye on the pump intake, making sure it’s free of leaves and other debris. For most ponds, clogging is not an issue as fountains come equipped with a grate over the bottom. Most small sticks and leaves are too large to get thru the pump intake. However, there is an additional filter available to cover the pump that keeps out even the smallest debris. The motor could overheat if the intake becomes clogged. The pump can also get damaged by excessive mineral buildup, especially the bearing and seals. Therefore, it’s recommended to remove the fountain once per season to flush out with clean water. In cold climates where ponds freeze over, check the manufacturers recommendation if removing the fountain during winter is required.
Contact the experts at Discount Pumps for more information about selecting, installing, or maintaining pond fountains.


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