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  Fountains for small ponds! Mini Floating Fountains are made for small applications that do not exceed 60' x 60'. The spray size of these fountains are perfect to fancy up a small outdoor pond. Perfect spray and aeration for a smaller pond.

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The Classic Mini Fountain

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The Classic Mini Fountain

This fountain is suitable for clean and dirty water ponds!!

This fountain is larger than the Calais and Vienna. Nozzles have larger holes than the other mini fountains and won't clog as easily!

1/3 HP Colossal Fountain / 6' - 8' H x 8' - 12' W Spray / (3900 GPH) (290 Watts, 110 v)


  • Asyncronous motor for dirty pond conditions
  • Includes 3 Beautiful Sprays
  • 75' Cord with Heavy Duty Plug
  • Light Kit Available
  • Pump with Vortex Impeller
  • Energy Efficient / 110 volt
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • 75' Mooring Line
  • Additional cable available
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    1/3 HP Classic Mini Fountain  / 6' - 8' H x 8' - 12' W Spray / (3900 GPH)  (290 Watts, 110 v) $525.00

    3-LED 6 Watt Bright or Warm White Stainless Steel Light Kit w/Photocell Timer- $410.00

     Light & Cable Options



    3-LED RGBW Color Changing light Kit (9 watts each) w/color controller and remote with color wheel (150' range) available in hundreds of solid colors, plus 10 pre-set patterns) Control speed of the changing colors and the brightness. Comes with color controller, remote and photocell / timer. - $600.00


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    Why a Floating Fountain?

    There's nothing like the beauty of flowing water to create a soothing, relaxing environment. And a floating fountains cascading water sounds as beautiful as it looks. Floating pond fountains are a timeless symbol of peace and serenity that add aesthetics and prestige to any landscape. These hard-working fountains have a practical side, too. They help keep water free of debris, increase oxygen and reduce maintenance needs, without the high cost and hazards of chemicals or dredging. Whether you already have a pond or are considering constructing one, a floating fountain may be the easiest and most economical way to keep it looking beautiful and staying healthy. If you are considering a floating unit, then you will also need to consider the type and availability of power, the distance to the power source, the display type you would like, the spray height, any lighting options, and the size as well as the depth of the water feature. Some other considerations to make regardless of which floating fountain you choose to purchase is the installation time as well as cost. You'll also need to take into account the maintenance that the floating fountain will need. Will the maintenance be easy enough for you to perform? How often will it need to be maintained?  Finally you'll need to consider the actual cost of running the unit. This is a very important question to ask. After all, you do not want to add a feature that you can't afford. A floating fountain is a must in order to maintain your water feature like it should be. Take your time and choose the one that best meets your taste and budget, then enjoy your water feature.


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