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Pond & Lake Dock Marina Deicer

De-Icers are designed to keep large areas of water free from ice build-up, even with the most extreme weather. The change of seasons no longer means it’s time to remove the dock or boat from the lake! Each De-Icer will keep a minimum 50 foot diameter opening in the water surrounding your boat or dock, even under the most extreme North American winter conditions. De-Icer's are utilized by marinas, municipalities, and homeowners throughout the United States and Canada. Its rugged design and stainless steel components are oil-free, making this the most eco-friendly system on the market. No oil means no chance of leaks, and also no maintenance! We have four different models available.

Deicer No Icer

Floating Deicer
Dock Mounted Deicer

Dock Mount Deicer
Deicer Slinger Unit

Slinger Deicer

We have several Deicers to choose from for your pond's needs with installation guidelines. This winter, install a Deicer to prevent possible ice damage and keep your pond water free and clear of ice.

large residential pond in winter with deicer installed
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