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Jebao Pond Pumps 

Jebao Pumps:

Jebao JGP12000 Pond Pump

Jebao 12000 Pond Pump is ideal for heavy duty waterfall or filter systems, as it has the needed power to force large quantities of water through long or high pipe runs, or through restrictive UVC’s and filters. They are designed for continuous operation, even in the harshest pond environment.


  • Oil-free, magnetic-driven, epoxy protected, ceramic shaft
  • Cost-saving, energy efficient operation
  • Ceramic impeller for long life
  • 33 Ft. Power Cords
  • Heavy duty waterfall applications
  • 1 Year Warranty






Jebao Pumps

Jebao Waterfall and Pond Pumps with Vortex Impeller
The Jebao Hybrid pump series is on the cutting edge of pump technology. These Asynchronous Hybrid Magnetic drive pumps are both powerful and energy efficient. The Jebao Pond and Waterfall pumps can be used as either a submersible or as an in-line pump. New Pond pump technologies have been utilized to combine extra high pumping heights with high volume flows and low energy consumption. The future of Waterfall and Garden pond pumps is here, and these high quality pumps are available today! This pump is used for a replacement pump for a floating pond water sprinker.

Energy saving pump motor with 33 ft cord'
Vortex high efficiency impellor
Pump may be used horizontal or vertical
Large filter screen for added pump life
Asynchronous motor capable of passing .24 inch solids
May be operated IN or OUT of the water
Ceramic bearings for continuous trouble free use
Oil Free magnetic drive hybrid
1 year warranty

Jebao Pond Pump 2100, 3100, 4000, 5200, 6550, 8000, 10300 Pond Pump


Jebao Pump Specifications
APP2000 120 2000 16' 1-1/2" 2000 1400 900       $120.00
JGP15000 290 3960 21' 1-1/2" - 2" 3960 3052 2140 1229 317 ---- $225.00
JGP20000 420 5000 25' 1-1/2" - 2" 5000 4230 3175 2121 1067 ---- $250.00
JGP25000 520 6000 26' 1-1/2" - 2" 6000 5369 4132 2896 1659 422 $275.00
JGP30000 660 8200 26' 1-1/2" -2" 8200 6439 4954 3467 1982 494 $295.00
APP12500 1000 10,000 36' 2-1/2" - 3" 10,300 8440 6960 5460 3930 2494 $440.00
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