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Duck Shelter House provides a safe haven for domestic or migratory ducks and for raising their ducklings!


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The Aquaduck Floating Duck House

Floating Duck House with roof open

Floating Duck House with roof down

We have discontinued the sale of these Floating Duck Houses!

Please visit our floating fountain page for our current pump offerings.

Heartwood has created a place for architecture and wildlife to coexist-introducing the all new Aquaduck. This duck shelter provides a safe haven for domestic or migratory ducks, both for personal safety and for raising a family. Properly anchored in your pond or lake, it provides constant enjoyment as your ducks raise their young. The water provides a barricade to most predators of waterfowl and provides you architecture for your waterfront. By having this duck shelter surrounded by water, predation is virtually eliminated, providing your ducks safe haven and safety for eggs and the ducklings as they mature and learn to fly.

Aquaduck floats on closed cell Styrofoam and pressure treated pine platform and deck is all fastened with screws to provide years of service. The shelter itself is made from 100% cypress and the metal roof parts are 29 gauge galvalume panels.

In order for this to be UPSable, It comes in two boxes and does require some simple reassembly. It is first assembled at the factory, numbered and partially disassembled for boxing. All parts are clearly marked and all fasteners are included. Assembly should require fifteen minutes with a cordless screwdriver or regular screwdriver. Weighs about 175 lbs. fully assembled. A nylon cord and concrete anchor block for anchoring are not included but easily available from your local lumber dealer.

The platform is 45” square, the shelter is 34” in diameter. The total height from waterline to peak of roof is 47”. The door openings(2) are 6”x8” and a center partition can be removed during assembly providing a single space or left in to make the shelter a duplex.

One duck ladder placed in front of the Aquaduck opening allows access to the platform. The Aquaduck comes with a wooden roof and is proudly handcrafted in the USA.

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