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Muskrat and Beaver Control!!

natural pond with critters muskrat lurking around a pond beavers swimming in a pond

There could be critters lurking in your pond. Not a problem unless you have a pond fountain or aeration equipment out in your pond. Muskrats and beavers love to chew on the wire or cable that goes to your pond equipment, LED lighting kits and aeration equipment. There are quite a few cute, cuddly critters that roam around ponds and lakes, you may have seen them swimming around the pond, that can actually be quite destructive. It is enjoyable to see and watch wildlife around the local pond, but some animals are more desirable than others. Muskrats and beavers are two animals seen on ponds and lakes that can have detrimental impacts.


Here are 5 steps to get your fountain or aeration equipment pest proof:

Step 1 - Identify and control:

Muskrats, beavers and snapping turtles can be fun to watch if you can spot one in your pond. They can also become a costly nuisance!! Identify what critter is in your pond so you can effectivley control it.

Step 2 - Disrupt the Habitat

Make your pond an undesireable place for these critters to live. You can try to limit the amount of favorable vegetation that critters will feed on such as cattails, water lilies and arrowhead. In addition, using a coyote decoy, or Nite Guard animal deterrent to scare them away.

Step 3 - Relocate

If disrupting their habit hasn't scared them away, then humane removel is recommended. Use a muskrat live trap to catch and remove

Step 4 - How to prevent Muskrat and Beaver damage 

Whether it is a muskrat, beaver or snapping turtle, they like to chew!! Wire protection is recommended, using stainless steel braiding over your cable to protect it or threading the wire through flexible PVC. Mooring line protection - Use black vinyl coated steel cable for anchoring the fountain.

Step 5 - Heavy duty rodent resistant stainless steel braided sleeving:

Rodent Resistant Sleeving is the latest cutting edge technology in the fight against damage to your wires and cable.