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How to anchor a floating pond fountain or pond aerator!

Quick tips on how to anchor!

how to anchor a floating pond fountain or pond aerator

Using concrete blocks for anchoring:

The floating pond fountain or pond aerator can be anchored to the bottom of the pond. This option is best for large ponds and lakes. To anchor you will need nylon rope, 1/8” – 1/4” thick. To anchor to the bottom of the pond, tie off ropes and drop blocks in opposite directions of each other. Bring ropes up to the center and tie to the float or the handle of the pump. This method will require entering the pond with a boat. For a small pond fountain, spread anchors about 8' apart. For large pond fountains, spread anchors about 20' apart. For a pond aerator, please follow anchoring and weight guide.


Using the shorline method:

Using the shoreline method works best in smaller ponds and for small pond fountains, although you can also using the concrete block method as well. Tie the ropes to the float or pump handle and tie off one rope to one side of the shore. Mobile home anchors or dog tie stakes work well for this. Set decorative fountain in water, be very careful not to get mud into the pump. The other rope can now be walked over to the other end of the pond and attached to the stake. Your fountain may look different than the illustration but the anchoring set-up is the same.


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