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Helpful Tips:

The air pump is used to introduce air into the aquarium or pond. This may be accomplished thru a filter or airstone. The air is essential to the operation of a successful balanced aquarium or pond. It creates a current which moves water from the bottom to the top and permits a greater exchange of gases at the air and water interface. in short, the dissolved oxygen content of the water is increased. Since fish extract oxygen from the water in order to breathe, it is important that the oxygen content be high.

You must select your air pump based on the number of air supply outlets you need. More powerful pumps cost more money. For the average 20 or 30 gallon tank, three outlets are usually sufficient. Place your air pump hanger on the back of the aquarium and set the air pump on it. Run a piece of airline (plastic tubing) from the pump to the gang valve. Now connect each filter or air stone or other air-operated device to a piece of airline tubing and attach the pieces of airline tubing to the gang valve. Plug in the air pump and adjust all outlets to a reasonable level. It is important that the air pump be located no lower than the water's surface, for if it is lower there is a possibility that water could siphon into the pump if the power fails. Even if you intend to use a power filter instead of an inside filter, you can still employ an airstone to circulate the water better.





















Air Pumps

Clean, circulated water is critical to a beautiful, healthy aquarium.

ViaAqua® Million Air™ Pumps

aquarium air pumps


     The ViaAqua® Million Air™ Pump
      is simply the best pump for your
      dollar. Superior design and state
      of the art technology creates a
      strong, reliable, safe and quiet
      air pump. Models available for
      virtually any aquatic environment.

  • Comes in a wide range of sizes

  • Simple installation

  • Easy to maintain


MA-200 Air Pump for Aquarium Size: 10-30 gallon
Power: 2.3 watts
Dimensions: 4.98" L x 2.60" W x 2.44" H
UPC: 006903717557
Outlet: Single
Control: yes-variable
Cord length: 6’
Tubing: Standard air line 3/1 

  Only 14.95


MA-400 Air Pump for Aquarium Size: 30-50 gallon
Power: 2.4 watts
Dimensions: 5.16" L x 2.58" W x 2.33" H
UPC: 006903717571
Outlet: Dual
Control: yes-variable
Cord length: 6’
Tubing: Standard air line 3/16"

Only 19.95


Filter/Air Pump

The best all around filter is the undergravel filter. It is essentially a piece of plastic with small holes or slots in it. In one corner is a large round hole where a plastic "uplift" tube fits. An air pump and tubes are connected to the uplift tube. The installation of this type of filter is explained below.

Place the filter on the bottom of the empty tank. (They are available at in standard sizes to fit a wide range of tank sizes. For larger tanks, you can fit more than one filter plate as necessary.) The best arrangement places the holes for the uplift tubes in the rear corners where they can be hidden from view with rocks or plants. Set up the uplift tube(s) and attach clear plastic tubing and an air pump.

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