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Tetra Pond water garden pump enjoys a powerful new design with a durable ceramic shaft for low friction and longer lasting pump. Includes easy snap on and off pre filter for cleaning. Perfect for waterfalls, streams and filters. No seals to wear out. Very energy efficient. 2 year limited warranty. 12' cord.on 250 model and 20' cord on 500 and 750 models.
Tetra 325 - 325 gph / max head 5' / 12' Cord / $59.95
Tetra 550 - 550 gph / max head 5.5' / 12' Cord / $89.95
Tetra 1000 - 1000 gph / max head 7' / 16' Cord / 129.95
 Tetra 1900 - 1900 gph / max head 7.5' / 16' Cord / 169.95

Tetra Pond's Water Garden Pump is built with reliable magnetic drive technology. This pump is made for indoor and outdoor self contained fountains. The Water Garden Pump by Tetra is energy efficient. .


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