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          Pond Filters for submersible or external use for ponds and waterfalls of all sizes!!


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Pond Filters


Submersible Pond Filters-These innovative pond filters are low profile and designed to be unobtrusive in the bottom of the pond. Their large filter area means less frequent cleaning. More than one filter can be connected to a pump using a tee fitting. These pond filters offer mechanical, chemical and biological filtration.

What Type of Filtration is Best for Garden Ponds?

Mechanical Filtration-Removing suspended debris from pond water by forcing water through some form of filter media.

Biological Filtration-Beneficial bacteria colonize on hard surfaces inside the pond filter. As water is forced through filter, bacteria will break down ammonia and nitrites to nitrates. This is known as the nitrogen cycle.



pump buddy filter

pump buddy filter

     Pump Buddy Filter

  • Pre-filter for all submersible pumps with horizontal or vertical discharges.

  • Biological filter media

  • Strongly recommended for less maintenance and longer life

The small pump sock is designed for all small pumps to 700 GPH. It requires miminal cleaning, and it is 7" tall, 8" in diameter.

Only 34.95

The large pump sock is designed for "sump pump" style pumps. It protects all sizes of submersible pumps from large debris, and it allows for better water flow and cooling of the pump. It will adapt to horizontal or vertical discharges, it requires minimal cleaning, and it is 10" tall, 9" in diameter.

Only 39.95


universal pre filter for inline pumps

 Universal Pre-Filter Screen

  • Helps protect the mechanical operation of the pump.

  • Adapts to pumps with threaded inlets.

  • Will not fill in as quickly as typical sponge filters.

  • 1/2" FIP threaded connection.

  • 2 piece twist-lock design allows the addition of other filter media inside the screen. 

Only 12.95


pondmaster 1000 submersible pond filter
Pond Master 1000 Filter
Suitable for small to medium ponds.12" x 12" filter box with locking handle. Carbon and polyester media. Connects to intake side of pump. Comes with 3/4" I.D. tubing and fittings. Submersible only filter.
Only 64.95
Pondmaster 2000 submersible pond filter

Pond Master 2000 Filter

Suitable for medium to large ponds.
12" x 24" filter box with carrying handle. Polyester
and biological foam inserts. Connects to intake side
of pump. Comes with 1" I.D. tubing and fittings.
Connect more than one to a pump. Submersible only filter.
Only 98.95

Aquashield Pressurized Pond Filter
Aqua Shield Pressurized Pond Filters

Pressurized 2 or 3 stage filtration. Inlet and outlet in easily removed cover which allows for in-ground installation. Easy open cover for servicing. Built in backwash system without opening filter.

1: inlet and 1" outlet.

Aqua Shield Pressurized Pond filters with or without UV Clarifiers
The presence of a large population of uni-cellullar algae causes green water. This algae is a pondkeeper's nightmare. "Pea soup" conditions caused by algae are unattractive and threaten fish health by using up oxygen. Green water occurs in most ponds and can be very difficult to eliminate. When green water is pumped through the UV Clarifier, the algae are exposed to ultra-violet light. As they pass around the UV lamp, these particles are flocculated ( clumped together). Water circulation carries them to the filter, which removes them, leaving behind only clean water.

Aqua Shield 2000 UVC - includes 9 watt built in Ultra Violet Stablizer Light.Pump flow rate: 450 gph to 650 gph - for ponds up to 1700 gal Only 149.95 



Aqua Shield EPF1350U - includes 11 watt built in Ultra Violet Stablizer Light. Pump flow rate up to: 3800 gph - for ponds up to 3800 gal. Only 279.95


Alpine Bio-Pure pressure pond filter


Alpine Bio-Pure Pressure Pond Filters

Our supreme bio-pure pressure filters is ideal for pond owners wanting simplicity, clear water and a filter system that can be easily hidden.

•Multi-stage biological and mechanical filtration process provides maximum pond filtration •Large foam surface provides increased filtration and beneficial bacteria to thrive and naturally clean pond pollutant •Unique external pressure indicator shows green when filter is performing properly and shows red when filter cleaning is necessary •Meant to be partially buried •Pressurized filter is ideal for use with waterfall applications •Universal connectors for 3/4" to 1- 1/2" tubing •2 year warranty
  • 2 Year Warranty!


    Bio-Pure Filter 1000  Only $99.95

    • Max Pond Volume 1060 gallons

    • Max Fish Stock 100

    • Max Flow 1000 gph

    Bio-Pure Filter 1000 w/UVC Only $129.95

    • Max Pond Volume 1060 gallons

    • Max Fish Stock 100

    • 7 watt Bulb

    • Max Flow 1000 gph

    Bio-Pure Filter 2000  Only $129.95

    • Max Pond Volume 2600 gallons

    • Max Fish Stock 250

    • Max Flow 2000 gph

    Bio-Pure Filter 2000 w/UVC  Only $164.95

    • Max Pond Volume 2600 gallons

    • Max Fish Stock 250

    • 9 watt Bulb

    • MaxFlow 2000 gph

    Bio-Pure Filter 3000   Only $139.95

    • Max Pond Volume 3400 gallons

    • Max Fish Stock 350

    • Max Flow 3000 gph

    Bio-Pure Filter 3000 w/UVC Only $169.95

    • Max Pond Volume 3400 gallons

    • Max Fish Stock 350

    • 11 watt Bulb

    • Max Flow 3000 gph


    Fishmate Pressurized Pond Filter

    FISHMATE Pressurized Filters

    The revolutionary compact FISHMATE pressure filter represents a
    major advance in pond filtration effectiveness and
    miniaturization. These highly effective units are
    ideal for pond owners wanting simplicity, clear
    water and a filter system that is easily hidden.

    FISHMATE is available with an Ultra Violet Clarifier ( UVC ). Easy cleaning and maintenance, a pop up indicator shows when it needs cleaning.


     FISHMATE 500 Filter with/UVC - (5 Watt Bulb) for 500 gph use hose 1" 239.95

     FISHMATE 1000 Filter with/UVC - (9 Watt Bulb) for 1000 gph use hose 1" 269.95

     FISHMATE 2000 Filter with/UVC - (9 Watt Bulb) for 2000 gph use hose 1 1/2" 339.95

     FISHMATE 3000 Filter with/UVC - (13 Watt Bulb) for 3000 gph use hose 1 1/2" 569.95


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