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Koi and Fish Food

Emperor's Choice Koi & Fish Food is designed to improve their over all health of your pond by having a highly digestible formula with Encapcell, it is made in small batches to assure freshness.

Encapcell has many positive effects for Koi and Fish due to its highly concentrated supply of RNA and nucleotides as well as their precursors. These ingredients, coupled with our encapsulation process, dramatically improve bio availability and have proven to be of significant value in helping organisms fight off infections and disease, thus producing healthier koi or fish.

Encapcell accelerates immune response and thereby improves the koi or fish's resistance to pathogen and disease, therefore increasing its overall health and growth. When the fish is stressed by disease, the microencapsulated Encapcell provides the essential building materials in an easily available form when they are needed,. This allows antibodies to be produced more rapidly in the fish with the expenditure of less energy.

Order# Description Size Price
EC50 Emperor's Choice in a box 50lb. $159.95
EC45 Emperor's Choice in a airtight container with screw off lid 45lb. $159.95
EC10 Emperor's Choice in a plastic bucket 10lb. $34.95
ECG Brown bag no labels 50lb. $159.95
  (Large Pellet)    
EC50L Emperor's Choice in a box 50lb. $159.95
EC45L Emperor's Choice in a airtight container with screw off lid 45lb. $159.95
EC10L Emperor's Choice in a plastic bucket 10lb. $34.95
ECGL Brown bag no labels 50lb. $159.95

SHO KOI IMPACT is a premium Koi and fish food that also contains an immune stimulant to help boost your fishes immune system and to help keep koi or fish healthy.

Sho Koi "Impact" Koi Fish Food is scientifically formulated for a complete and balanced diet with Optimum.

Order# Description Size Price
Impact 2lb. S Impact 2lb. 2.6mm 2lb. $19.95
Impact 4lb. S Impact 4lb. 2.6mm 4lb. $28.95
Impact 10lb. S Impact 10lb. 2.6mm 10lb. $43.95
Impact 50lb. S Impact 50lb. 2.6mm 50lb. $197.95
Impact 2lb. L Impact 2lb. 4mm 2lb. $19.95
Impact 4lb. L Impact 4lb. 4mm 4lb. $28.95
Impact 10lb.L Impact 10lb. 4mm 10lb. $43.95
Impact 50lb. L Impact 50lb. 4mm 50lb. $197.95

Ultra Balance Super Premium is a great food for people that have a lot of koi or fish to feed. This food is an economical way to feed your koi or fish.

Order# Description Size Price
AH-30 Ultra Balance 5lb. $19.95
AH-31 Ultra Balance 22lb. $33.95
AH-31 Ultra Balance 50lb. $78.95


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