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 Fountain and pond pumps for use as an external water pump or submersible fountain pump!!


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Inline or External Fountain and Pond Pumps

Inline pumps can be used in or out of water. For inline use, remove the cover to the intake. That will expose the inline connection. Use one of the threaded barbed fittings in the box for the intake connection. Never allow the pump to run dry. If the external pump is at or below the water level of the pond or fountain, gravity will allow the intake line to remain full of water, that will keep it primed. If the pump is above the water level of the pond or fountain, you must use a check valve at the end of the intake line that lays in the water of the pond or fountain, to keep the water from draining back into the pond or fountain. This will keep your inline pump primed.

Click here for Check Valves, tubing, plugs and fittings!

JEBAO Pond Pump

Jebao Waterfall and Pond Pumps with Vortex Impeller
The Jebao Hybrid pump series is on the cutting edge of pump technology. These Asynchronous Hybrid Magnetic drive pumps are both powerful and energy efficient. The Jebao Pond and Waterfall pumps can be used as either a submersible or as an in-line pump. New Pond pump technologies have been utilized to combine extra high pumping heights with high volume flows and low energy consumption. The future of Waterfall and Garden pond pumps is here, and these high quality pumps are available today!

Energy saving pump motor with 33 ft cord'
Vortex high efficiency impellor
Pump may be used horizontal or vertical
Large filter screen for added pump life
Asynchronous motor capable of passing .24 inch solids
May be operated IN or OUT of the water
Ceramic bearings for continuous trouble free use
Oil Free magnetic drive hybrid
1 year warranty

Alpine Cyclone Pond Pump

Jebao Pump Specifications
APP2000 120 2000 16' 1-1/2"   1400 900       $99.95
JGP15000 290 3960 21' 1-1/2" - 2" 4000 3052 2140 1229 317 ---- $189.95
JGP20000 420 5000 25' 1-1/2" - 2"             $199.95
JGP25000 520 6000 26' 1-1/2" - 2" 6550 5369 4132 2896 1659 422 $209.95
JGP3000 660 7900 26' 1-1/2" -2" 8000 6439 4954 3467 1982 494 $229.95
EGP9000 1000 10,000 36' 2-1/2" - 3" 10,300 8440 6960 5460 3930 2494 $299.95


 Motor Size




Torpedo Pump

Torpedo Pump The first pond pump designed for the pond enthusiast that is lightweight, water cooled, uses no oil and can be used in our out of water.

Torpedo Pumps Features and Benefits:

  • High flow for Biofilters and Waterfalls
  • Cap start motor for low energy consumption
  • Water cooled for environmental safety
  • Non-corrosive construction for longevity
  • Can use in or out of water
  • Convenient handle for easy installation and service
  • Safe for use in salt water
  • For Pond or Fountain

T-1500 Torpedo Pump  1500 gph at 1' lift, 20' power cord, 1" inlet and discharge. Only 169.95

T-4000 Torpedo Pump  4000 gph at 1' lift, 20' power cord, 1 1/2" inlet and discharge. Only 219.95

T-7500 Torpedo Pump  7500 gph at 1' lift, 40' power cord, 3" inlet and discharge. Only 279.95


T-10000 Torpedo Pump  10,000 gph at 1' lift, 40' power cord, 3" inlet and discharge. Only 319.95

Dynamax Series 200 Pump 12 Volt


Mini Solar Battery DC Pumps, Dynamax 2 Pump Pack


Voltage VDC - 12 Nominal
Current Draw: 0.52 Amps

Power Usage: 7.0 Watts
Maximum Lift: 138 Inches
Flow Rate: 37 gallons/hr @ 5 feet
Weight: 1.9 Ounces
Tubing ID: Inlet 0.3750; Outlet 0.2500
Dimensions: 1.600 x 1.300 x 1.300 Inches

DM212 Pump: $32.95




Priming made Simple!

When there is no other choice than to put the pump above the water level of your fountain, the unit must be "primed." This means that water must be introduced into the pump and the lines in order for the system to create a way for the pump to get new water into it. There are many ways this can be done however, this method is very simple and will help make the priming process less of a headache.

You will need:




Check Valve (Foot valve)

Strainer basket (option but eases priming troubles)




The first thing that you are going to do is install the check valve on the end of the line in the water. The check valve allows the water to only flow in one direction. There are different types, spring, flapper and mechanical. Depending on the power of the pump some of these may not work. We recommend a flapper type because they are easy to install and work with most pumps. They can be purchased at your local garden center (Lowe's, Home Depot, etc.) and are fairly inexpensive. Once the check valve and lines are in place, the pump and basket need to be added in the correct place. After the pump is in place, install the rest of the pipe. At this point the pond will be empty and all of the plumbing will be in place. It is a good idea to make sure that all of the joints are glued tightly at this point so that there are no air leaks. This will save time and extra work down the road. Now take the hose and fill the pond so that the suction point of the pipe is covered by enough water to not allow a vortex to occur (usually 8" or more). Take the hose out and put t into the discharge line of the system. This could be the point where the waterfall is or maybe it is just a point that you have left open in the discharge line. Let the water fill the line (wait until water is coming back out of the point where the hose has been inserted. Once water is coming out, start the pump. The line will be primed at this point unless there is air trapped in the line. If the pump is running correctly, fill the rest of the pond up. If it is not repeat the steps above until it begins to flow properly.


Some important things to keep in mind when priming for your pond or fountain:


1. Inverted U's (a place where the line will go up the wall of the pond or fountain, over the wall of the pond or fountain, and then back down the side (looks like an upside down U)) are bad ideas. Air is very difficult to expel out of these points (unless a bleed valve is installed) and ValuFlo pumps will not pump if there is air in the intake line.


 2. Try, try  again. If the pump is spinning, it is working. When there is nothing coming out but the pump is spinning, there is a problem with the system. Generally, it is on the intake side of the pump and will be in the form of an air leak or an obstruction. With the clear pump, it will be noticeable as an air pocket right at the center of the impeller. This means there is air in the line. If that pocket is not present and the pump is spinning, there is something blocking the discharge line.

Amazing 1/2 HP Floating Pond Fountain


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