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Nothing is as soothing as the sound of splashing water from a fountain or waterfall into a pond and the reflection of light on the water that creates a serene environment in your home or garden. This site contains a lot of valuable tips and information to help assist you in building and maintaining you pond or fountains. We carry a large selection of pond and fountain supplies as well, and at a discount. If you can't find the information you need on our website and need additional assistance with your project, we are happy to help. Please also visit our pond resource page, this has links for many valuable information websites and blogs that can help you with your water gardening project. We have supplies for every type of water pumping project. Also please visit our blog for updated water display information and ideas. Also please visit our pond building webpage. We have several links to step by step pond building videos that will help anyone whether you are a beginner or experienced ponder. We also have fountain and pump sizing charts to help you choose the correct size. We realize choosing the right size can be confusing so we are always trying to improve our website to help our customers purchase the right product. Water gardening season is right around the corner and we will be adding a lot of new products for 2011. Some of our new products will include aquatic plants and supplies and a large selection of pond treatments.







Welcome to Discount Pumps! Your one stop source for all your fountain pump and pond supplies at large discounts!

Ceramic Slanted Jar Fountain in a gardenWatergardening season is here and we have hundreds of  fountain, pond, aeration, waterfall, sewage and aquarium products & supplies! We also have a full selection of fountain, aquarium and pond lights as well as pond filters and pond spitters!

Pond Pumps, Pondless Waterfalls, Fountain Pumps for tabletop fountains, Floating Pond Fountains and Pond Aerators. Low voltage and inline pumps as well as a full line of sewage and aquarium pump.

Our Manufacturers include: Cal Pond Pump, Pond Max, Jebao Pump, Easy Pro Pond Products, Alpine,  Danner,  Scott Aerator, Pond master, Little Giant Pumps, Franklin Electric Pump, Sequence Pump, F&Q Pump, Microbe Lift, Ultra Clear and Aquascape Pond Supplies.

 Articles: 2 HP Majestic Pond Fountain in a pond

-How to Select the Right Pump
-Pumps for Wedding Fountains
-Pond Aeration Tips

-Pond Blogs 



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Featured Products:



Big Shot Clover Floating Pond Fountain

Floating Pond Fountains


Floating Christmas Tree

Color Changing LED Light Kits for Floating Fountain and Aerators

Color Changing LED Light Kit


2 HP Grinder Sewage Pump

2 HP Grinder Sewage Pump

Lake and Pond Founta Aerators

Pond and Lake Aerators


Fountains for small ponds

Small Pond Fountains


Aquabasin for pondless fountains

Aquabasin Pond


3-Pack LED Pond Lights

3-Pack LED Pond Lights


Aqua Shield Pond Filter

Pressurized Pond Filter

Discount-pumps Warranty & Shipment

All of our fountain, pond and aquarium pumps are energy efficient, reliable, very quiet and come with warranties up to 3 years. We have a large selection of pumps and supplies for indoor tabletop fountains, small or large fountain statuaries, water gardens, waterfalls, yard fountains and ponds of any size.

We have fountain sprays, saltwater pumps, underwater pond lighting, UV lights and bio-filters. Aerating and floating fountains offer beautiful water displays.

Wholesale pond and fountain pumps and discounted bulk orders are welcome. Fast response to email inquiries and orders usually ship out the next day.

We offer the finest quality garden pond supplies and fountain pumps at more then a 25% savings!

Check on our pond pumps today.

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