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What makes hydroponics different than regular gardening? Hydroponics uses no soil and plants are grown in a substitute growing media. The plants still require all the nutrients that they would have obtained from the soil. A specially blended hydroponic fertilizer is added to the irrigation water and provides all the nutrients the plants require, even micro nutrients such as boron, etc. This gives you more control over plant nutrition and increases production and quality.

Why would we want to replace the soil? Soil is very inconsistent and most often does not have a balanced nutrient composition. The types of soils differ from sandy, which is very porous, to clay, which is very tight. Watering and fertilizing becomes very difficult even for commercial farmers. It takes years of preparation of your soil in order to have a decent garden. Even then you have to constantly remove weeds, spray more for insects, and control soil diseases.

 These soil substitutes consist of coconut fiber, perlite, and sometimes pine bark. These materials contain very little, if any, nutrients that can be absorbed by the plants, but provide a perfect soil substitute. A well balanced fertilizer is then added in a hydroponic or organic solution. Water retention, but not water logging, is the ideal soil substitute. Porosity is the technical term.

The nutrient solution is the most important part of the system. You can have varying degrees of success in many substitute soils, but with the proper nutrient and media you can produce more than you ever thought possible in less space with less fertilizer, less water, and less or no pesticides. When you regulate water and nutrition with a good quality plant variety you have both higher production and higher quality. You can grow 6-10 times more in a vertical garden than in a normal garden of the same size.










Hydroponic Pumps

What is Hydroponic Gardening?

Hydroponics is simply gardening without soil. Soilless growing medias such as perlite/peat-lite or perlite/vermiculite or other combined mixes, have little of the nutrients that the plant would normally leach from the soil. In this respect, nutrient for the plant has to be added in water-soluble form. Hydroponic fertilizer is added to the water containing the minerals that the plant needs to sustain growth. In this way the plant receives consistent nutrient feeding. A proven hydroponic fertilizer is the key to good growth.



Rio 600 UL

  • Energy efficient submersible hydroponic pump.

  • Marine and Freshwater Environments.

  • Silent and cool operation.

  • GPH - 200
    Max Head - 3'
    Volts - 120VAC
    Watts - 12
    Amps - .23
    Size - 2.5" x 1.7" x 2.3"
    Cord - 6' / Outlet - 1/2" ID Tube Size
    Only 24.95

United Pump 440

  • Energy efficient submersible and inline use.

  • Easy water flow adjustment.

  • GPH - 430
    Max Head - 92"
    Volts - 120VAC
    Watts - 29
    Amps - .2
    Size - L 5 1/8" x W 3 5/8" H x 4 3/8"
    Grounded Cord - 12' / Outlet - 1/2" or 3/4" ID Tube Size
    Only 39.95

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