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Pool Fountains



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We are pleased to introduce the Calais Floating Fountain. This unique product of European Design is highly versatile and will add striking elegance to formal and casual settings alike. This floating fountain will aerate small ponds. Easy installation, simply float on the surface of the pool or pond. This fountain comes complete with a pump, float, 3 beautiful fountain sprays, 3 or 6 LED Lights and a 33’ cord. 2 Year Warranty!!


Calais floating fountain with lights

  • Includes 3 Beautiful Sprays (Arch, 2-Tier, 3-Tier)

  • Includes a transformer

  • 3 & 6 Pack Light Kit w/Colored Lenses

  • Magnetic Drive Pump

  • Great for Pond or Pool

Calais Large Fountain  6' H x 3'W Spray /3-LED Light Kit w/colored lenses (3100 GPH) $349.95

Calais Excalibur  8'H x 4'W  Spray / 6-LED Light Kit (3100 GPH) $399.95

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