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Floating Fountains for Ponds and Lakes

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Otterbine Instant Fountain

This 1/2 Horse Power Floating Pond Aerator provides aesthetic enhancement to any waterscape and comes complete with three easy to adjust patterns (the Rocket, Starburst and Phoenix), offering flexibility and variety to the water feature. Corrosion resistant 18/8 stainless steel and high density thermal plastics.

Nozzle Pattern
Spray Height
Spray Width
Pumping Rate
2.5 feet
12 feet
7500 gph
8 feet
12 feet
4800 gph
12 feet
2 feet
4800 gph
  • 1/2 HP
  • 115 Volts / 12 Amps
  • 100 feet of 12 gauge cable
  • 2 year warranty ( 1 year on lights )
  • miniature power control panel
  • 3 easy to adjust spray patterns
  • GFCI Protector
  • 3-Light kit available (Fountain Glo low voltage, high intensity light kit)
  • Colored Lenses (lenses are interchangeable - red, blue and amber)


Instant Floating Pond Fountain: $1595.00

Instant Floating Pond Fountain, Fountain Glo 3-light Kit: $1995.00

HP Instant Floating Pond Fountain 230 Volts - $2095.00

HP Instant Floating Pond Fountain w/3-Light Set - $2495.00


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