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Saltwater Aquarium Pump / Freshwater Aquarium Pumps

Clean, circulated water is critical to a beautiful, healthy aquarium.

Water Circulation is important to a healthy closed aquatic environment. Without it the aquariums environment can become unstable, leading to the growth of algae and other unhealthy substances. This is true for both salt water and fresh water aquariums. The most efficient way to move water is by using a pump and/or powerhead. Fortunately, hobbyists can choose the right pump and powerhead for their aquarium or pond from the full range of Via Aqua, Rio Aqua Pump and Powerheads, which are designed to work in a variety of aquarium environments.

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Via Aqua Aquarium pump

Via Aqua Aquarium Pumps

ViaAqua® Economy Series fully submersible quiet, energy efficient and oil-free aquarium pump. The compact design makes it an ideal pump for aquariums!


Rio Aqua Aquarium Pumps

Rio Pumps
Rio® Aqua Pump
/Powerheads provide a versatile water pumping system designed with high efficiency and reliability at a lower cost.


Aquarium Pump Tips:
A fully stocked freshwater or saltwater aquarium is immediately exciting visually. The magical colors and movement grab your attention and demand a closer look. In an instance it is tranquillizing, which is why many decorative aquariums are situated in public stressful places like dentists waiting rooms.

Owning a freshwater or saltwater aquarium involves many other interests such as biology, chemistry, mathematics and geography. However, to purchase a pump, you will use knowledge of these subjects often subconsciously. There is also the attraction that once the tank is up and running the required effort needed to keep tropical fish is relatively low, in-fact there is hardly any restriction to one’s normal life. Fish need no grooming or exercise and their feeding does not always need to be regular. In fact well fed fish can do without food for up to two weeks, this often gives them a chance to give the tank a thorough "clean up".
Freshwater fish keeping has also moved with the times. Technology has made owning an aquarium easier than ever. The aquarium owner doesn't need to worry about remembering the scientific names nor are the technicalities that daunting. The quality of home starter kits is exceptional and very economical and generally speaking anyone who can follow a few simple instructions can keep tropical fish. Keeping freshwater tropical fish is the ideal starting point to this rewarding hobby and can be done so by almost any age group, even children, with limited supervision.
The first contribution that an aquarium hobbyist has to make is the initial financial outlay. This will depend on what size and shape of the tank is selected. The second contribution is to understand how the aquarium works and how the fish depend upon being given the correct living environment. The real skill in this hobby is to detect deteriorating environmental conditions and correct them before they become irreversible. You will soon understand that aquatic animals have very specific, physiological requirements which make them, so to speak, physiological extensions to the water they live in.
Contrary to popular opinion, neither a freshwater nor saltwater aquarium constitutes a sample of a habitat transplanted in our homes. An aquarium and especially a saltwater aquarium is an abnormal environment whose success depends upon the ability of the animals to adapt to different conditions. The job of the aquarist is to make the differences as tolerable as possible.
Setting up an aquarium needs to be planned correctly. Not only will you save time and money but hopefully create a suitable place for your future live stock to thrive. Probably your first decision is the type of aquarium that you want to setup and if you plan to create a temperate or tropical environment. Freshwater aquariums are more common because of the glorious species of fish that can be kept in it.

This site will provide information about freshwater and saltwater aquariums with all necessary information about tank selecting, heating, lighting, Aeration, filtration, planting, disease prevention, disease cure and stocking.

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