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Aquarium Canister Filters

Clean, circulated water is critical to a beautiful, healthy aquarium.

 Via Aqua Canister Filters
The ViaAqua® Canister filtering system is made of only the highest quality parts and materials ensuring a quiet, energy efficient, powerful and user-friendly unit. With media containers that are designed to allow maximum filtering capacity, while remaining versatile. The media containers can be used for chemical, mechanical, resin or biological filtering media. Integrated onto the pump lid are tubing tap connectors, which combine shut-off valves, hose connectors, and quick disconnect unions.



A fully stocked freshwater or marine aquarium is immediately exciting visually. The magical colors and movement grab your attention and demand a closer look. In an instance it is tranquillizing, which is why many decorative aquariums are situated in public stressful places like dentists waiting rooms.


•  Compact Design
•  Energy Efficient
•  User Friendly
•  Simple Installation



VA-230  Aquarium Canister Filter GPH: 160
Filter Capacity:
2.3 liters
Tank size: 10-30 gallons
7 3/8"L x 7 3/8"W x 11 3/8"H
Power Consumption: 15 watts
Only 99.95
VA-300 Aquarium Canister Filter GPH: 210
Filter Capacity:
3 liters
Tank size: 20-40 gallons
7 3/8"L x 7 3/8"W x 13 5/8"H
Power Consumption: 20 watts
Only 109.95
VA-650 Aquarium Canister Filter GPH: 265
Filter Capacity:
6.5 liters
Tank size: 30-70 gallons
8 7/8"L x 8 7/8"W x 13 3/8"H
Power Consumption: 30 watts
Only 124.95
VA-750 Aquarium Canister Filter GPH: 315
Filter Capacity:
7.5 liters
Tank size: 70-150 gallons
8 7/8"L x 8 7/8"W x 16 9/16"H
Power Consumption: 35 watts
Only 139.95


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