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 Algae control products for your pond or lake. Barley Straw,  beneficial bacteria & more!!


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MICROBE-LIFT Algae Control - Barley Straw Extract 


Bottle Size Initial Dose Maintenance Dosage Price
8 oz up to 1,000 gal up to 6,250 gal 13.95
16 oz. up to 2,000 gal up to 12,500 gal 19.95
32 oz up to 4,000 gal up to 24,000 gal 39.95
1 gal up to 16,000 gal up to 96,000 gal 79.95

Natural, Earth-Friendly Products

Just like most cities and towns have recycling programs to reduce the amount of solid waste for disposal, nature has been doing it’s own version of recycling since time began.  It does this because it is necessary to return the basic building blocks of life back into the biosphere in order to sustain life.

Bacteria are nature’s recyclers and Ecological Laboratories produces MICROBE-LIFT, one of the world’s best bioaugmentation products that allow nature to keep up with new, manmade compounds and also concentrations of pollutants that are higher than what would normally occur in nature. This unique product is made up of a special formula of beneficial bacteria, which, when introduced to a polluted area, immediately begins to reproduce and to degrade the compounds in the water or soil that cause pollution and its resulting bad odors and damage to the environment.

MICROBE-LIFT products clean the environment, getting rid of pollutants in an all-natural way by breaking them down to their basic elements and returning them to the biosphere.  Because MICROBE-LIFT products are also biodegradable and non-toxic, they are safe to use around humans, pets and wildlife. They are truly some of the most environmentally friendly products available.

Ecological Laboratories uses outside testing labs for independent analysis of our products. Product testing and monitoring is done regularly as an important part of our quality control process, and our concern for quality assurance.

MICROBE-LIFT   Pond Bacteria


MicrobeLift TAC/Totally Active Clarifier - Dry

Container Size Initial Dose Treats Price
8 oz. 80 - 250 Gallon Pond 17.95
16 oz. 500 Gallon Pond 29.95
3 lb. 750 Gallon Pond 89.95
5 lb. 2000 Gallon Pond 129.95


Clearz-All  tm

Designed to Clear Pond & Lake Water
Combines suspended particles on pond surface for easy filtration.
Leaves your pond sparkling clean and safe for all fish and plants
Extremely Strong Formula
Made from a Double Polymer Formula
High pond ph & buffering capacity may cause a temporary clouding of the water, which should clear up in on a few hours.  PH should be between 7.0-8.5.   For maximum total clarity use our EX-1 Quick & EZ
Application Rate- Pour around edges of pond

Bottle Size Treats

Initial Dose


32 oz. Bottle

Treats 28,000 Gal


1 Gal Bottle

Treats 576,000 Gal


Follow up with our EX-1 Quick & EZ Bacteria

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